Cult Of Scientology On Trial

It is always very pleasant for the American media when two famous Hollywood folk decide to seek  a divorce. That means at least two or three or more months of speculation, pictures, learned TV analysts discussing important issues of the  world such as how much does she get and will we all learn about what he did–or vice versa? The American divorce game must be played out in public, God forbid that a couple going through divorce seek silence and care for the feelings of their children.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are beginning the process of divorce. They have a young child,Suri, and an important issue is whether Tom gets the right to have his child brain-washed by the Scientology cult. Katie insists that her child will not be subject to summer camps where this nut cases teach about their bizarre cult to children. Sorry, Scientology has nothing to do with religion.

At least the public will be spared from stories about who slept with who or about details of how they engaged in sex.