Cup Of Tea, Senator McCain?

Senator John McCain, once a supporter of reaching a compromise solution on illegal immigrants and a man who wrote about being a “maverick” changed his clothes by slipping into phone booth and re-emerging as the man with no values except winning. He readily beat back a challenge by the incompetent J.D. Hayworth and won the primary. John is a man who will go to any length, survive any challenge, eat any shit as long as the end result is his election to the US Senate. Ah, in the old days, he portrayed himself as a “maverick” who could take on the entire Republican Party in the name of truth, freedom and the rights of Mexican immigrants. When questioned by the media regarding his changes, the stalwart defender of truth and the American way, could only respond: “I do not buy the party line that I have changed.” Of course, you did not change, the world around you changed and the last thing on John’s mind was to get out of step with the Tea Party.

However, his Senate buddy, Lisa Murkowski, was not so lucky. She apparently was unable to beat back a challenge from Tea Party candidate Joe Miller who still holds a slight lead in the Republican senate primary. Who knows, maybe Lisa has become the maverick and John has become the bull.