Curveball Threw Bush A Bad Curve

He lives in a nondescrpt German apartment building, a stocky man with a full shock of blak hair and a stubby beard, his name is Rafed. No one in the buildng or neighborhood knows much about Rafed, but for the American people, he is one of the most notorious individuals in their history. Five years ago, the American Secretary of State, Colin Powell, delivered a 76 minute speech before the UN in which he described a story about weapons of mass destruction being developed in Iraq, “there are not assertions,” he told the assemble audience, “what we’re giving you are facts and conclusions based on solid intelligence.” Rafed must have cast a small smile across his face when he heard the American launch into a speech based, not on facts, but on lies and deception that Rafed had provided German intelligence.

Seated in the audience that day, was Hans Dieter H., one of Germany’s top intelligence experts. He has provided the United States a story told by Rafed about things in Iraq that never existed. Rafed was an imposter, a fabulist, a con man who encouraged the Bush administration to proceed with a war it intended to pursue, regardless of Curveball or any other pitch directed at them. The German intelligence helped develop the source of lies, but they were accepted without question by Bush officials who were seeking corroboration on a plan that was doomed to failure because it was conceived in lies.