Cut Armed Forces Means More Unemployed!

Most rational minded critics of our expenditures for military purposes seek reduction in size of our armed forces. Of course, if we reduce the size of the army or navy or air force it means more unemployed on the labor market. There are hundreds of thousands of people who work on military bases or with companies that service the military. The fact few will admit is that having 1.5 in the armed forces keeps 1.5 million off the labor market. Building planes that will never engage in combat helps employment at dozens of plants around the country.

Naturally, those who lead our military insist we need 11 aircraft carriers in case we encounter a nation which has one. Naturally, those who want thousands of more planes costing $50,000,000 per insist we need them in order to defeat the Bulgarian air force if forced into combat with that military power.

The only solution is to make inhabitants of planet Earth aware we have discovered that within ten years Martians will be invading. This will necessitate huge armies, air forces, navies. Who can defeat a bill that provides support for our army to fight the Martians?