Cut, Cut, Slice, Slice For Virginity!

Throughout the history of humans there have been interesting approaches on how to deal with the act of sex. Many religions have this or that law or custom regarding sexual parts of the human body. Jews cut the penis, and in many African and Muslim societies, women get their genitals cut in the name of keeping girls away from engaging in sex with the wrong guy. I assume it is OK to have sex with the guy to be married. Naturally, it would help if his penis got tweaked. In the Swedish town of Norrokopig, authorities discovered dozens of cases in which Muslim as well as African females who had come to Sweden in search of peace, had a piece of their body cut away. In one class of 30 girls, 28 had endured the act of genital cutting!!

Genital cutting is a crime in Sweden, and that includes having your daughter cut in some other nation. Most genital cutting occurs to girls, 4-14 although in some cases even female babies have been cut. My question is: how come there are 30 African or Muslim girls in one class? Sounds like segregation to me!