Cut Funds For Poor!

At a meeting of mayors the big topic of discussion was how to reduce expenditures in order to balance the budget. Former President Bill Clinton apparently spoke out of both sides of his mouth. He emphasized to state leaders they ‘need to be more conservative and responsible” in developing budgets and should not waste money on things not needed. He did call for an Internet tax to raise money for state needs. Others spoke of cutting back on federal money for states now that things are much brighter at the state level. And, former Bush man, John Sununu demanded strict adherence to lower state budgets. “The devil budget made me do it. I had not choice.”

Actually, we DO have choices. We can raise taxes on those earning over $200,000 and increase even further higher taxes on those who can afford it. WE only tax the initial $110,000 for social security. Why not have the same tax rate for ALL INCOME?? Isn’t that fair and democratic?