Cut US Military? Disaster!

The current United States of American military budget equals that spent by all other nations of the world, but suggesting any sort of reduction in that sum leads some to proclaim disaster. Undersecretary of Army Joseph Westphal insists that cuts suggested by some in Congress would decimate the armed forces and leave this nation open to armed attacks. If all the air forces in the world got together, the American air force would wipe them from the sky.

The US has the greatest navy, the best air force, and the best army but reducing those forces would somehow result in opening our nation to ——??? Westphal is  worried about cuts in the National Guard. “The role of our Guard in our communities, for instance, incredible force to help our country’s economic development.” Huh?

During the 1950s we had a much smaller National Guard and our economy boomed. We really don’t need hundreds of expensive jet planes since they have no planes to fight against. Reasonable reductions in military expenditures will not hurt this nation. It might free up money for economic expansion.