Cutting Elderly Care, An Old Refrain

Conservative centered governments are now demonstrating what occurs when forces of greed are in control of funds. Both in the United States and the United Kingdom, the conservative belief in reducing government expenditures is the only way to jump start the economy are in vogue. Severe reduction in government funds to local Councils has resulted throughout the United Kingdom in sharp cut backs for programs that cater to the necessities of aged people. Five years ago, local Councils provided financial assistance to elderly people who were too frail to eat or bath themselves, but today barely 20% of these bodies are helping aged individuals whose bodies are no longer capable of handling the basic necessities of life.

It is ironic in an age of “cutting back” conservatives to not cut back on welfare programs for the wealthy, instead they increase their welfare. Tax cuts are a government aid program for those who make a lot of money and are perfectly capable of making money without financial assistance from the government. If you are wealthy and old and can not bathe or eat by yourself, no worry, the Conservative government of David Cameron will be sending a generous check in the form of tax reductions.