Cyberwar With Iran

Iran is working on a  program that will produce an atomic weapon so they  must be halted  because we all know that only the US, France, Russia, England, China, India, Pakistan and Israel are allowed to possess such a weapon of destruction. Certainly, we all know that atomic weapons held by Pakistan are in safe hands of fanatic Muslims, but, under no condition can Iran possess any weapon of destruction. The United States and Israel have been conducting a cyber war to prevent construction of  nuclear weapons by Iran.

The CIA, the National Security Agency, and Israel military launched the Flame program which is designed to collect critical intelligence from Iranian computers and then send a virus into their technology that will render useless computers. As one NSA representative put it: “this is about preparing the battlefield for innovative type of violent action.”

Flame has been set alight, but apparently, Iran continues to work toward an atomic weapon. Either Flame flamed out or Iran found a higher Flame.