Czech Minister Common Sense On Missile Plans

Czech Republic Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg called for including Russia in plans to develop anti-missile bases in Poland and his nation. He welcomed Russian inclusion in order to clearly demonstrate the system was not designed in any way as an anti-Russian threat. “If Russia joined the anti-missile defence in a meaningful way instead of attempting to prevent it, I would be happy.” The Foreign Minister urged that Russian anti-missile systems should be linked to what is proposed by the United States. Former (isn’t that a wonderful word) president George Bush insisted the anti-missile system was NOT designed against Russia, but to prevent attacks by “rogue nations.” Of course, Bush was lying.

The Czech Foreign Minister’s suggestions make a lot of sense. It is time to bring Russia into the camp of peace and defense rather to have them hover outside in anger and hostility. Prove to the Russian government and people that anti-missile systems are truly geared to prevent attacks by the so-called “rogue nations” and it will be possible to re-establish peaceful relations with Russia.