Czech President Claims Radar Screen Not Aimed At Russia

President Vaclav Klaus told a Czech radio interview he just does not understand why Russia believes constructing a missile base in Poland or radar stations in the Czech Republic have some connection with their security. “Russians do not believe our assurance, they do not believe what President Bush and others say. They just look at where the radar aims and they can see it is aimed at their territory. We have simply failed to explain to them that we do not view it as an operation aimed at them.” However, he did admit it might be a tad difficult finding arguments to Russian questions whether the possible North Korean missiles would fly to thee United States across the whole of Russia, Europe and the Atlantic Ocean or across the Pacific.

If President Klaus actually believes the missile base and radar stations are aimed at North Korean missiles perhaps he could explain why North Korea has agreed to inspection of its nuclear facilities. Or, if he actually believes Iran would fire missiles at Europe then he undoubtedly is an individual who would probably invest money in the Nigerian swindle scheme about money in South African banks. Why would a nation send missiles west when it would be much easier and quicker sending them east?

President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin may not be the two most intelligent people in the world but they are not dumb enough to believe this hogwash. By the way, recent polls indicate two-thirds of the Czech Republic population opposes the radar stations. Perhaps, President Klaus might spend some time trying to convince his own people that his nutty ideas make sense.