Czech President Opts Out Of Sanity!

The Lisbon Treaty was ratified in Ireland which raised hopes it would now be accepted by all members of the European Union, but out of the blue came news from the Czech Republic of a new stumbling block. President Vaclav Klaus announced his government would not endorse the Lisbon Treaty unless there was an opt out provision which would allow the Czech Republic to opt out of provisions of the Charter of Fundamental Rights. If he goes through with his threat it might necessitate beginning from ground zero in order to create a document which would ensure the presence of a strong central government in the European Union. As one EU official noted: “he clearly had this up his sleeve but we are still stunned that Klaus has decided to do this now.”

The good news is Klaus can be halted in his action by Prime Minister Jan Fischer who supports the Lisbon Treaty. It all depends on whether Fischer can gain support within his government for supporting the Lisbon Treaty.

Perhaps, it is time for the European Union to cease having a unanimous requirement for change and adopt a three fourths or two thirds agreement.