Czech Republic Introduces College Tuition

For over a hundred years it was common in most parts of Europe, and in the United States, for college bound students to have the option of attending a college which did not charge tuition. New York City alone had four free colleges students could attend either as day or night time students. The Czech Republic has free colleges, but the government is proposing introducing the concept of tuition for students. As one student noted, “the introduction of university tuition would deepen the divide between real opportunities of poor and rich students.” For many, the idea of securing a degree from college might cease being an option. Those in favor of tuition argue costs have risen, there are serious economic problems confronting most European nations, and college students must recognize the old days of a free ride are over.

The argument for tuition invariably returns to a sick economy and need for all to sacrifice. In the United States, Wall Street stock people sacrifice to the tune of only taking $100 million bonuses instead of $200 million ones. It is time those who have vast amounts of money take a smaller piece of the profit pie and share with those who have been screwed by financial sectors of society.