I do not know anything about a Ms.Stephanie Eisner who does what is described as cartoon work for the DailyTexan, a student newspaper at the University of Texas. I assume she is of the Christian or Jewish faith, we are certain that she is not a Muslim. A teen age boy was killed by a man who was told by the police to remain in his car and not pursue a boy who he claimed was dangerous. The man refused to obey instructions. Those are facts we know that are true.

Ms.Eisner thinks it is all a joke. She printed a cartoon that has a mother speaking with her child and saying:

And then the Big Bad White Man killed the HANDSOME Sweet Innocent COLORED BOY.  Mom is holding a book that has the headline: TREYVON AND THE YELLOW JOURNALISM.

It would be professional if Ms. Eisner could at least spell correctly the name of the boy who died. Ms.Eisner comes from the state of Texas. During the era of segregation it was common to refer to Negro males as “boy.” She inhabits a state in which hundreds of black skinned people were lynched, beaten, thrown in jail because their skin was black.  That is not yellow journalism, that is the facts of what it was like to live in Texas.