Dalai Lama Encounters Questions Over Tibet

Normally, when the student seeks knowledge she climbs up a mountain to the cave of the wise sage in order to gather his pearls of wisdom. The Dalai Lama was in Ohio where he met with students from Miami University who he assumed would welcome a few words thrown their way that would uncover the secrets of the world. During a question-answer session, a twenty-one year old girl, Yue You, told him of her trip to Tibet where she discovered, “Tibet is peaceful” and Tibetans seemed pleased with their economic situation. The Dalai Lama responded by noting just this week there were demonstrations by Tibet students over an alleged plan to require to use the Chinese language exclusively in college classes. “These demonstrations do not come from happiness,” said the wise man. However, Yue You was not satisfied and insisted, “He didn’t answer me.” I have no idea who Yue You is except to say you is not me nor is yue on the same wave length as the Dalai Lama.

As I recall the media offered numerous pictures of Tibet people protesting against their Chinese occupiers. Of course, you never know what yue know or don’t know.