Dalai Lama–I’m A Marxist

The Dali Lama, who is noted for deep religious beliefs, shocked many members of the media by informing the world he was a Marxist, and he was not referring to the Marx Brothers comedy team. “I am a Marxist,” and he then proceeded to describe how Communist leaders had combined market economics with government programs in order to create a new version of the Marxist ideal of equality. Although, the Chinese Communist government regards him as an enemy of the state and leader of reactionary religious groups, the Dalai Lama most probably is referring to the humanist ideas of the young Karl Marx whose vision of a society based on egalitarian relationships is what the Tibetan leader means by his reference to Marxism.

The Dalia Lama emphasized that harmony must come out of the heart, not out fear. The young Marx also had such idealistic goals but believed they could only be attained by crushing not merely capitalism, but capitalist ways of thinking that emphasize greed and individualism.