Dalai Lama Plans Tibet Peace Strategy

The Dalai Lama insists the people of Tibet should be involved in deciding strategies to be used with the Chinese government in order to reach some form of accord that enables Tibetans to enjoy democracy. He said envoys from Tibetan communities would meet in India during the week of November 17 and would be joined in the discussions by representatives from other world groups which support the idea of democracy in Tibet. The Dalai Lama told the Japan Times that his representatives are currently in Beijing engaged in discussions with the Chinese government. He has decided to cease being the lone voice in any discussions with China due to the hostility felt by Chinese officials and will rely upon a group process to further negotiations.

The Dalai Lama once again made clear his goal is not to seek independence for Tibet, but to work with Chinese officials in order to establish the basis for democracy within the region. Preserving Tibetan Buddhism and its ideology are important goals and he does not see attaining such ends threatens China in any manner. He wants the Chinese government to understand Tibetan grievances and work with its leaders to peacefully resolve issues.