Dancing In The Streets Of Pyongyang

Yes, they are dancing in the streets of Pyongyang despite what you capitalist loving anti-Koreans might think. They are dancing in celebration of the glorious, all-wise leader’s birthday. Kim Jong-il is 68 and during the regime of his dad and our beloved leader, we in North Korea enjoy the benefits of hunger and poverty. Unlike the obese Americans, we can run and jump and be proud of our thin bodies. How many Americans can make that statement? OK, so things are not perfect in our country. OK, so we had a famine or something like that, but all that did was reduce the number of people and allow the rest of us to be healthy although not particularly wealthy and wise.

Our glorious leader has been betrayed by those who “reformed the currency” and just about wrecked the economy of a nation with a wrecked economy. But, good times are coming since our beloved leader is going to talk with Western nations and exchange his wisdom for their food. It will be a bargain made in Heaven. Of course, whenever we use the word, Heaven in this country it means, North Korea.