Danes Lower Age For Crime Punishment

We live in modern times and have escaped the brutality of the medieval world and the nineteenth century when children were sent to the gallows for crimes. Apparently, Denmark prefers to go back than go forward. A parliamentary majority has been secured by the government to allow 14 year-old children to be tried as adults. According to Justice Minister, Brian Mikkelsen, “It doesn’t seem reasonable to me that younger perpetrators should automatically get a break. Concern for the victim may outweigh considerations for the offender’s age.” As he so aptly put it, “if you’re old enough to commit the crime, then you’re old enough to do the time.” Gee, this is really profound thinking.

There is sufficient evidence that children’s minds are not developed sufficiently for them to grasp the enormity of criminal actions. I assume if the minister seeks to be consistent then six year-olds should also be tried as adults. After all, if you commit the crime, then do the time. Grow up Mr. Mikkelsen and enter the 21st century in thinking about issues of crime and punishment.