Dangerous Afghanistan Mission-Train Afghan Soldiers!

A major responsibility for German soldiers stationed in Afghanistan is training recruits for the Afghan army. One would assume this would be relatively safe duty, but to German soldiers who are daily engaged in explaining to recruits the process of how to be a soldier, it might be safer out in the front lines fighting the Taliban. German soldiers were in a major operation with other NATO soldiers as well as over thousand Afghan recruits when they were attacked by Taliban forces. This is not the first time German trainers were killed or wounded when part of an Afghan expedition. As one German spokesman put it: “At the end of the day, training Afghan soldiers in Afghanistan means fighting side by side with the Afghans.” A major problem is lack of experienced officers and the ongoing corruption that is so pervasive in this military forces. How many times are Afghan troops killed by the Taliban who are using military equipment they purchased from Afghan sources?

Four more German soldiers are dead as a result of this attack. At some point, the German population will demand return of their soldiers from Afghanistan. In the meantime President Karzai allows inefficiency and corruption to destroy the morale of his own fighting men.