Dangers Of Being An Afghan

There are times in life when one simply wants to cry out of frustration with the world of Muslim nations. This has nothing to do with the Muslim religiion or people of the Muslim faith, but stores emanate from Islamic societies which bring tears to one’s eyes. These are tears of sadness, tears of sorrow, tears of hopelessness and tears of joy.I inhabit the nation of the United States of America, a society in which those with decry failure of those without lacking millions for their daily lives. Over in Afghanistan, Sushmita Benerjee, an Indian author who wrote a book describing how she fled captivity in Taliban Afghanistan was dragged from her car on a main highway and taken away. The Taliban squad eventually found a place to put 15 bullets into her body–in the name of God, peace and the Talilban way of life.

Ironically, Mrs. Benerjee has converted to the Muslim faith and devoted her life to aiding the people of Afghanistan. These men with beards believe once in Heaven they will inhabit a world in which women know their place and God only associates with those of the Muslim faith who have a beard.

I assume Hell for these Taliban is being in the world above, but in the women’s section.