Dangling Legs And Exposed Female Butts!

I realize that in this modern world there are important issues to confront, and there are very important issues to confront if we are to engage in critical and creative thinking. In the nation of Turkey there is a member of Parliament who apparently devotes his days and nights pondering the great issues of humanity. War? No. Brutality? No. Murder of those in Syria? No. The death of thousands of Muslims in Iraq? Definitely, NO! So, what concerns this dedicated member of the legislature? He is very upset because at a recent spring festival held at a college in Turkey, female students were observed riding on the shoulders of male students! Could anyone imagine the horror of such a sight? Oh, I realize there are those who actually think that pictures of kidnapped Nigerian girls are worth more than two seconds of your time. But, Turkish girls allowing their legs to dangle while their butt is on the shoulder of a boy!

Turkish MP Selcuk Ozdag of the ruling Justice and Development Party(AKP) is furious. “In Duce University’s spring festival yesterday, I was ashamed to see headscarf wearing girl students sitting on the shoulders of men. Ah, where are the values! Absolutely, where are the values when girls wear a headscarf and actually touch the body of a boy! First, they dangled a leg, next they got their butt on the body of a boy, and THEN!