Danish Artists Remove Israel From Map

Danish artists Jan Egesborg and Pla Bertelsen are intent on striking a blow for peace and justice in the Middle East and decided the proper approach was to delete the nation of Israel from a map of the Middle East. They insisted their goal was not to criticize anyone but to illustrate the nation if Israel as primarily responsible for all problems in the region. They even asserted creation of Israel was an historical mistake. Perhaps, these artists have hit on an interesting approach to dealing with nations which supposedly violate international law. I assume the artists will shortly remove from their map of the world:

Saudi Arabia

I trust you get the point. Israel’s record on human rights will never match the nation of the Congo or what is happening in Zimbabwe. I assume the artists lack any knowledge of the world and those nations which violate human rights.

  • emanuel appel

    dear impudent,

    These are Jew haters simply enough. Of course, hypocrites will always deny their true feelings under the cover of “internationalism”.

    The Danes can’t even defend themselves from the Moslems they’ve let in . What losers.