Danish Education Experiment

The most conservative aspect of 21st century life is what occurs in schools. If someone who had  died in  1813 awoke, the only familiar sight would be a classroom-adult in front of room, talking, writing on blackboard while students copy. A Danish educational experiment, “Gymnasiettaenki taenki forfa”-Rethinking school from scratch”will be introduced into several schools. The goal is to radically rethink the organization and purpose of secondary education. For example, teachers are only allowed to speak for several minutes at a time and there is no homework. This, hopefully, will result in  more time for students to be doing rather than be copying what teachers say.

Each student will be assigned a teacher mentor who can become a support when the student encounters problems. Education will be more interdisciplinary. Conservative Danish politicians already term such common sense ideas as, “hippie.” Man, let’s get cool!