Danish Government Colluded In Violating POW Rights

In 2002, Col. Frank Lissner, head of Danish troops in Afghanistan, learned that American forces were violating the Geneva Convention and that prisoners he was turning over to them would be sent to Guantanamo rather than being treated according to regulations of the Geneva Convention. He informed the Danish government of his concerns, but nothing was done and men were sent to Cuba. Col. Lissner even received information that some of the prisoners might be innocent, but once in the hands of the Americans, guilt or innocence were the last considerations. This was at the height of Rumsfeld/Cheney belief it was impossible to violate POW rights because they lacked any such protection. A recent documentary which interviewed Danish soldiers who participated in this action expressing their concerns that any prisoner turned over to Americans would be subject to mistreatment.

There is something sad when troops in other armies mistrust the capacity of the United States military to conduct itself according to international rules and regulations. Is this still another legacy of the Bush administration?