Danish Government Seeks Prostitution Ban

The Danish government is considering new legislation that would make illegal being a prostitute who sells her body for money. Polls reveal that about 20% of Danes support this view while 67% oppose it. Proponents of the ban argue that prostitutes are simply  being exploited and  a ban would result in these women–and men– doing what? The result part is a bit unclear since to continue in an illegal occupation would force many prostitutes to get involved with criminal gangs who would offer protection against government forces.

My problem is — if prostitution is illegal, shouldn’t it also apply to political leaders who sell their votes for money? Yes, prostitutes offer blow jobs, but what do members of Congress offer those who will supply money and free lunches and trips in jet  planes? Let’s face reality, prostitution is alive and healthy in the halls of Congress and will be present during the present presidential election!