Danish Political Leaders Blast Israel Policies

Three former Danish foreign ministers issued a statement of their concern regarding the direction of Israeli foreign policy toward Palestinians. Liffe Elleman,Mogens Lyjjetiftm and Helveg Petersen, who represent three Danish political parties, issued a joint statement urging Israel to end the current status quo which has resulted in a stalemate. They believe, “israel must choose between being a democratic country with a Jewish majority within the 1967 borders, or being an anti-democratic Jewish state with apartheid-like conditions.” They believe President Abbas, head of the Palestinian state, has shown a willingness to achieve peace and is ready to compromise, but Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has yet to demonstrate evidence he “wants peace with the Palestinians” and that requires a decision on his part to make it one hundred percent clear.”

Naturally, defenders of the current Israel policy argue as to why no statement is directed at President Abbas. The response to this argument is simple, during the past thirty years Palestinian leaders have not worked hard to attain peace, President Abbas represents a change in attitude and he needs support from the Israel government.