Danish Reporter Meets Texas Justice!

A Danish reporter for the Ritzau Bureau was covering the Democratic primary campaign in Texas and the meeting between his nation’s prime minister and President Bush when he suddenly became acutely aware he was not in the quiet saftey of Denmark but in the rough and tumble world of Texas. Terkel Svensson was having difficulty getting connected to the Internet on his laptop computer so he committed the dangerous act of stepping outside to make a phone call. Inadvertently, he stepped into a woman’s garden and was confronted by the sight of a woman waving a gun at him and shouting, “Get off my property.”

Mr. Svensson naturally beat a hast retreat from having his feet planted onto good Texas soil and planted them onto the safe environment of the pavement. Texas law allows residents to defend their property from tresspassers with deadly force. Hopefuly, Texas residents can sleep peacefully tonight knowing the Danish invasion of their homeland has been successfully thwarted due to the sharp eyes of a woman and her gun. The NRA is always right, people have a right to defend themselves from those Danes!