Danish Solution In Libya

Every so often in history a political party offers a solution that no one has every conceived. After carefully analyzing events in Libya, the Danish People’s Party is offering the perfect solution for dealing with the crisis in Libya. The issue that neither President Obama or EU leaders have considered is that the current strategy of wiping out Gaddafi’s armed force is simply not fair. Seren Espersen, spokesperson for the party offered advice that could only come from one who understands the thinking of King Solomon. “The situation is very complex. What do we do if rebels, with heavy artillery, make headway? We cannot accept that the one side is picked off as they drive around in their combat vehicles, while the other side gets a free pass to continue. I don’t think the rebels are gentler than the other side.” The man does have a point. After all, has Galddafi launched a bombs on America? Do you personally know anyone who has been killed or wounded by one of Gaddafi’s men?

It is too bad that Mr. Espersen was not around during WWII. Was it fair that Russian, British and American forces ganged up on the outnumbered Germans? Was it fair that they bombed German cities? Why could they drive around in their jeeps while German soldiers had to walk? Let’s make this a level field in Libya, bomb the hell out of both sides until they are all gone. Then, we Americans can walk into the deserted land, get our oil, and restore democracy to the world.

  • Thomas

    You retard. Qadhaafi isnt Hitler and even Hitler didn’t randomly go around ambushing his own citizens. You believe any propaganda you read?

    Western intelligence has backed the rebels from the beginning, including with weapons. When Qadhaafi says some of them are “Al Qaeda”, he is using the term the same way as Western governments, it is a disorganised hodgepodge of Islamist paramilitaries. They, just as they have been in so many other conflicts, are just the footsoldiers for Western imperialism. Any government in the world would do what it can to put down armed rebellion. There was NO evidence of random massacres of civilians, and I venture to claim YOU never saw any.

    The UN resolution called for a no-fly zone to stop the killing of civilians. But any killing was deemed killing of civilians and only the army’s and police’s killings mattered. This meant effectively the West was calling for Qadhaafi not to fight back against an insurgency, as if he is supposed to sit tight and wait for Tripoli to be captured. It set up a long civil war where Qadhaafi was a terrorist for fighting against foreign-funded goons.

    Espersen is only guilty of naivite, or, perhaps, he was pointing out yours in a way that was relatively politically acceptable (since his own party does not go in for anti-imperialist proclamations).

    But you didn’t get it, because you aren’t so smart, I suppose. :(