Danish Troops Dialogue With Taliban

Danish troops fighting in Afghanistan are reportedly in an ongoing dialogue with Taliban forces who are virtually found in every aspect of daily life in the country. Lt. Colonel Bjame Hejgaard, said contact with the Taliban is almost unavoidable. “I’ll say it like it is — we’ve definitely held a number of local meetings where the Taliban was represented and where there was indirect dialogue with them. They come to meetings so they can hear what we’re telling the locals and find out who is co-operating with them.” The Danish officer has concluded after serving in Afghanistan, “we have to intensify negotiations with the Taliban if we want peace in the region because we’ll never wipe them out entirely.”

The interesting comments of the Danish officer suggests the Taliban are present in the everyday lives of ordinary citizens which makes difficult for people to take a stand against them. Anyone who disagrees with the Taliban will be reported and subject to punishment.