Darfur War Heated Up By Sudan Government Attacks

Darfur rebels accused the Sudan government of mounting massive new attacks in order to drive them from strongholds in the far north of the region. Three days ago the Sudan army driving in about 270 vehicles staged a ground assault on Atrun which forced members of the
Sudan Liberation Army to retreat. According to the SLA, there is a new and determined effort by the government of the Sudan to crush all rebel groups and assert its authority throughout the Darfur region. Ibrahim Al-Hillo from the SLA, said, “civilians in that area have fled. Government soldiers are shooting randomly in the areas. Civilians have been killed.

It appears the Sudan government has not abandoned its goal to ethnically clear out anyone in Darfur who might constitute a threat to the power of Sudan authorities. Rebel commanders claim Chinese oil workers have arrived in the region to begin oil exploration which is undoubtedly the goal of the Sudan government.

The tragedy of Darfur continues with thousands of innocent people killed, wounded or driven from their homes. Does anyone really care what happens to these people?