Dark Clouds Over US-Russian Relations

The Russian government is upset because American diplomats are concerned at the growing tendency in Russia for those who oppose the rule of Putin to wind up in some garbage bin or in a cemetery plot. Secretary Hillary Clinton imposed a ban on any Russian official who was connected to the mysterious death of Sergei Magnitsky who fought for human rights only to wind up in prison where he died of “natural causes.” It is clear that Magnitsky was tortured and denied access to needed medicine. Russia’s Foreign Ministry, suddenly got religion and demanded an end to the ban since none of the accused was ever convicted in court of having anything to do with the death of Magnitsky. They threatened retaliation. “We won’t let such hostile step;s happen without a response and will take adequate measures to protect our country’s sovereignty and our citizens from such actions.”

Let me get this straight. Magnitsky entered the prison while still alive and exited as a corpse. We can assume someone did something to transform the life of a living person into a dead one. Guess who?