Dark Days For Golden Dawn

During Word War II thousands of people in Greece were murdered by their German invaders. The sight of a Nazi holding his arm in the air was a hated sight. Fast forward to 2013 and men and women dressed like Nazis now are seen on the streets of Greek cities. A new political party, Golden Dawn preaches the doctrine of Nazism and thousands welcome its words of hate. At least, they did in large numbers until recent days. Nikolas Michaloliakos, leader of Golden Dawn is now under arrest for involvement in murder of a peace activist who supported the right of immigrants to reside in Greece. Latest figures indicate a dramatic decrease in support for Golden Dawn among people in Greece. In July, about 14% of Greeks like words of hatred, today the figure is 8.5%.

Get a recession and one gets anger, fear and desire to blame someone-other than self for the calamity. The people of Greece have spend decades ignoring economic reality and now the price of fiscal sanity must be paid. It is doubtful if immigrants from Africa are the source of current econnomic problems.