Darkies And Ragheads Not Happy

The one certainty about the Republican party is that sooner or later someone will  openly inform America as to the true feelings of his party. In Arkansas, Rep. John Hubbard told the people of his district that if black folk were really honest they would express their thanks for the good old days of slavery when massa took good care of them. They would be happy since they were here in America rather in them jungles in Africa. And, candidate Charlie Fuqua called for the deportation of all them Ragheads.

Yes, the Arkansas Republican party claimed they did not share these views. In reality, these men were simply expressing the views of many Republicans. Fuqua repeated the ideas of at least one third of the Republican party by stating that Barack Obama was a Muslim and a communist.

Let me get this clear: Obama is a communist who hates religion but a fervent member of the Muslim religion. Frankly, I think he is also a Jew.