Darkness At Noon In Cuba

Over half a century ago, Arthur Koestler wrote the famous novel, “Darkness At Noon” which depicts how those who created the Communist revolution in Russia based on noble aspirations eventually became the same cruel tyrants as those they had overthrown. Esteban Morales, a dedicated Cuban Communist, will undoubtedly wind up in prison for printing an article which appeared on his website that charged Cuban Communist leaders with the crimes of greed and corruption. He wrote, “it has become evident that there are people in government and state positions who are preparing a financial assault for when the revolution falls.” He charged they were preparing to quickly transfer government businesses to private interests–their own– if and when the current communist regime collapses. Rumors are circulating in Havana about corruption in use of government planes by government leaders who made considerable money for their use.

All revolutions eventually become the essence of what they wiped out. Many years ago there was a comic strip named, Pogo, in which one of the characters shouts, “we have met the enemy and he is us!” Cuban Communists imprison and torture dissidents just as Fidel Castro was beaten when captured by the Batista government. The Castro brothers are more alike what they wiped out then what they attempted to create.