David Battles Female Goliath

David Petraeus has led a charmed life  from the days that he entered West Point. He wound up marrying the daughter of the general who headed the place, became the darling boy of many generals and eventually focused on counter-insurgency ideas which resulted in him gaining fame in Iraq. He did head the “surge” which reduced power of al-Qaeda, although his ideas never resulted in crushing that group. General David Petraeus was blessed with an excellent publicity staff that portrayed him as a brilliant young general.

Alas, after years married to a nice, beautiful woman whose family gave hubby the right contacts, David decided to experiment with another woman. He had returned home to head the CIA and the last thing spy folks want in the cupboard is anyone having a sexual relationship out of marriage. David wound up having an affair with the woman who wrote a book about him.

One day, emails were picked up from a woman sending threatening emails to another woman who was close to Petraeus. The end result was a letter of resignation and the end of being an important person. For all too many men, allowing the pecker to peck away leads to pecking away one’s reputation!