David Beckham Denies Prostitute Link

David Beckham is upset. He is furious that anyone would state that he slept with a prostitute. Beckham has initiated legal action against US magazine because it printed a story about the alleged tryst between the soccer star and a Ms. Nici. Ms. Irma Nici who bills herself as the “world’s most sought after call girl” and charges $100,000 per night for services rendered claims that she had a rendevous in New York with the man who claims he is the world’s greatest soccer player. In her magazine account, Ms. Nici insists David and she “had great chemistry” and he really is one nice guy. Naturally, Dave the wonder boy denies this story and offers proof he was elsewhere. I get confused. Why do famous men become so upset if some gorgeous woman claims she had a dalliance with them? I assume it is the money issue and they feel insulted to give women money for sex. Funny, are we to believe that every girl with whom Beckhamd slept was madly in love with him and the only reason she wanted to get into the sack was to demonstrate love! Come on, David, women go to bed with you because they want to say they slept with someone important. Isn’t that a form of prostitution? Instead of exchanging money, you pay them off with a moment of fame.

Capitalism is based on the exchange of goods from one to another. The David Beckham’s of the world pay off women with being able to reflect in their fame for that one glorious moment. The word for that is –prostitution