David Cameron Tells It As It Is!

Prime Minister David Cameron became the first western leader to state clearly to Pakistan officials it was time for their secret service agency to cease cooperating with the enemy and become a friend of its western allies. He told a meeting of Indian business leaders that a democratic nation does not have the “right to have any relationships with groups that are promoting terror. Democratic states that want to be part of the developed world can not do that. The message from the United States and the UK is very clear on that point.” When asked to clarify his points, Cameron bluntly stated that a nation which supposedly is working to end terrorism, must understand “that it is unacceptable for any support to be given from within to any terrorist organizations that export terrorism.” It is clear he was referring to the Pakistan ISI intelligence agency which, not only created the Taliban, but continues to fund it and cooperates with its leaders to attack Western armies in Afghanistan.

Naturally, the Pakistan government responded with cries of innocence. Hogwash. The ISI has been working with Taliban leaders to develop plans that result in attacking western troops. Either Pakistan joins the fight against the Taliban and al-Qaeda or it will eventually be take over by these groups.d