David Cameron Upset!

Prime Minister David Cameron is upset at reaction to his speech at an international gathering in which he blasted Muslims in the United Kingdom for seeking to live apart, refuse to integrate with society and be supportive of terrorist groups. I was raised in a neighborhood in New York City that was 95% Jewish. My Orthodox parents would never live in any form of “integrated” area. Hassidic Jews, even today, dress differently from other people, do not accord females equal rights and support violent groups in Israel. Not a word about them from David Cameron.

Yes, SOME Muslims support terrorist activities. Of course, the origin of modern suicide bombing comes from Sri Lanka Tamil rebels and they did received financial support from Tamils in the UK and elsewhere. Cameron is concerned about Muslims seeking out Muslim schools and desiring government support for such enclaves. Of course, wealthy areas have enclaves in which only their children attend certain segregated schools. In New York City less than 10% of white skinned children will ever be in a class containing children with dark skins–unless they come from an Asian society.

I am old enough to remember the American media in the 1950s claiming Jews were all “Communists” because the Rosenbergs were found passing secrets to the Soviet Union. Of course, nice Anglo-Saxon Alger Hiss was also accused of this action, but no one blamed white Protestant Americans for being un-patriotic. Muslims come in all shapes and sizes. Some are violent, but I live in a nation in which between 1865-1940 over 5,000 people were lynched by nice white skinned Christians.

It ill behooves Europeans to castigate Muslims as violent. After all, during WWII, Germans killed 30,000,000 people including 6,000,000 Jews whose only crime was to be Jewish. Sorry, David, you are a loud mouth bigot.

  • http://ilovetoronto.com/ Heather

    But I agree with him as far as the issue of immigration is concerned. Recently a number of people have come to live in Britain without even a basic knowledge of the language or culture of the country. I believe there needs to be an improved immigration system implemented in order to eliminate these trends.