David Ward Warned About Israel

David Ward is in trouble with his Liberal Democratic colleagues in the United Kingdom over his use of words to denounce Israel actions which violate the UN Charter, but more importantly violate the essence of the Jewish religion. Jews throughout history have been on the side of those fighting for civil rights. Liberal leader Nick Clegg is upset at language used by Ward in which he challenged  the very existence of Israel due to its violent actions against Palestinians. Clegg is upset at the need to “constantly respond to questions about disproportionate  and imprecise language from you.

In particular, Clegg is upset at a posting by Ward on the Holocaust Memorial Day. Ward expressed his sorrow how Jews who suffered such incredible horror could turn around and inflict brutality on other humans. There is no question that Israel has been treating Palestinians as second class citizens and stealing their land. This is terrible, but it is not a Holocaust. The state of Israel must continue to exist. But, the state of Israel must also recognize its own insensitivity and illegal behavior against Palestinians.