Dawn Of New Nazis

Greece is the birthplace of what we term to be Western Democracy. A few thousand years ago intelligent men walked the streets of Athens discussing the meaning of life and what could constitute a just society. Today, Alexander Plomaritis, a member of the Golden Dawn political party, made clear to the people of Greece what should be done to immigrants in their fair land. “We are ready to open the ovens. We will turn them into soap…..to wash cars and  pavement.We will make lamps from their skins.”

Leadership of the Golden Dawn party insisted these comments were actually a joke. “These statements were stated to make people laugh” insisted Illias Kasidiaris. Golden Dawn leader, Nikos Micchaloliakos termed Adold Hitler, “a major historical figure.” Of course, he  was also responsible for the deaths of thousands of Greeks. Of course, he was only kidding.