Day Of Carnage In Iraq Kills Over 100!

They arrived at a factory, walked calmly among workers who were leaving the textile plant and then initiated a series of bombings including blowing themselves up among the innocent people of Iraq. Of course, the process of killing l102 people and wounding 350 was a way of showing Allah that one believes in God and the sanctity of the Muslim religion. People’s bodies were sent flying, wounded lay on the ground murmuring in agony and rescue workers endeavored to safe as many as possible. But, even as they worked among the wounded, another suicide bomber walked into the rescue operation and set himself off causing dozens of more people to die or become injured. Such is life in Iraq.

President Obama has promised the American people our forces will leave Iraq next year. But, constant attacks and suicide bombers mean Iraq is months, if not years, before it can be a stable society. What then to promises of departure?