Day Of Death, Day Of Hope

John F. Kennedy was murdered fifty years ago. I was 33 and a high school teacher at a time when many Americans believed that we were living at a time of change and hope. It was not necessarily the best of times, it was not necessarily the worst of times, it was simply a time when our president offered to most Americans an offer to join in an expedition into the future which might result in world peace and prosperity. Unlike, the current president of the United States, John Kennedy had studied history, understood how effective presidents such as Franklin Roosevelt functioned and drew upon their experiences. It is clear that Barack Obama has not studied how effective leaders operate in a democratic society. John Kennedy understood how to connect with the average American. Three years after Barack Obama pushed through the Affordable Care Act few Americans have any understanding how the law operates in their lives. You might never have liked JFK but he was articulate, and spoke in terms any American could grasp.

He was a learner. The man who entered the presidency in 1961 was a different man by 1963. That is the hallmark of a leader.He bungled, made mistakes, but only once. Every mistake was followed by changes that improved solving problems.That is what I most miss in a president. Obama has made mistakes, but there is scant evidence he changed behavior and did not make the same mistake again. He is the opposite of John F. Kennedy.

For a Jewish American the election of John Kennedy offered hope that discrimination was slowly disappearing in the country. The hope was followed by changes that began to address discrimination. Today, black Americans lack a sense of hope and change despite the presence of Barack Obama.

Where have you gone John, now that we need your leadership?