Day Of Revolution In Egypt

An unusual alliance has emerged in Egypt which seeks to build on what happened in Tunisia as a model for their own country. The coalition includes youth activists, political Islamists, industrials workers, and hardcore football fans. They are using a holiday which celebrates the work of policemen in their nation to stage protests against police brutality and oppression of those who seek freedom of speech. The coalition wants the ouster of the current Minister of the Interior who refuses to clamp down on police who resort to torture in order to silence opponents of the Mubarak regime. Activists want an end to the Emergency Law which is being used to prevent freedom of the press, assembly and free speech. The protest is termed: ‘day or revolution against torture, corruption, poverty and unemployment.” People will be waving Tunisian flags as a symbol of their desires.

Those who include Islamist followers in their program of seeking freedom might well remember how Iranian youth also included that group and the end result is a totalitarian Islamic government that denies youth their rights to freedom of speech and the right to universities that are open to all ideas.