Days Of Rage Rage On In Mid-East

People in the Mid-East area are awakening of a slumber of lethargy in which they have allowed two bit strongmen to control their lives and gone along with religious fanatics who use Israel or “the West” in order to justify abuse of human rights. Muammar Gaddafi is among the loudest voices for standing up to the West, refusing to allow foreign ideas to penetrate his nation and a vigorous opponent of Israel. Due to large resources of oil, his country has witnessed untold billions of dollars pouring into the society, but for some reason, the man who voices strength is rather weak when it comes to ensuring money is equitably distributed to those who live in the country. There is no doubt Muammar has billions stored in Swiss banks even as he denounces “the wet” for robbing his people.

Days of rage have extended to the petty little world of Gaddafi and dozens are now dead because they want oil money to develop their economy, provide jobs and ensure equity in distribution of what should belong to all people. Muammar has ruled in his dictatorial manner for dozens of years, and hopefully the spirit of Tunisia and Egypt will allow the people of Libya to finally enjoy what belongs to them, not to the Gaddafi family and his cronies in stealing.