Dead End Revolution

The Egyptian Military Council announced it was suspending the Constitution, and it was assuming control of the nation for at least six months until, hopefully, there will be a free election to elect a new government. Thousands of soldiers are in Cairo and it is clear they will not tolerate continued demonstrations nor will they listen to voices of unelected leaders of protesters when it comes to deciding the future of their country. The head of the police told people in Tahrir Square, “we do not want any protesters to sit in the square after today.” Yesterday, it was Mubarak, today it might well be the Military Council as the enemy. Or, are they a friend who simply wants some additional time to sort out confusion in the country? Mahmoud Nasser, one of the leaders of the protest movement told the media, “the revolution is continuing.” Perhaps, this is the feeling of today, but who knows what will be the feeling of tomorrow?

The people of Egypt can only sit and wait. A central question is whether we are witnessing a necessary pause in change or is the change the current pause?