Dead Man In Saudi Royal’s Hotel Room

The man was lying on a bed. He was dead. Someone or something had exerted “manual compression of the neck” in order to send this man to another place outside this world. The hotel room belonged to a member of the Saudi Royal family, of course there are at least 7,000 people who fit that description. Was this a murder? Police are still investigating what happened. But, one can only wonder if the member of the Saudi royal family was a woman. Without question, there would be cries of “family honor” if a dead man was found in the room of a Saudi woman, and, most probably, demands for a few lashes or some stones thrown in her direction.

It is always fascinating how Saudi men can get away with virtually anything, even having another man in your hotel room who winds up dead. Could there have been possible sex involved in this situation? But, it is between two men and the entire matter will end here and now. We are willing to wager that the Saudi Royal individual will be headed home and not to a jail cell.