Dead Men CAN Tell Tales

Every so often an incident in Russia leads one to conclude that life in Putin Russia offers interesting events that could not be found in any other nation on this planet. Sergei Magnitsky was a lawyer who was investigating crime and corruption in Putinland when he was placed in  jail for daring to suggest that anyone in the Russian government could be charged with doing  something illegal. After all, the entire government is illegal so how could you charge a single official with being so? Anyway, after a few months in jail Magnitsky died of a “heart attack.”

So, what else could Putin people do in order to respond to charges that Magnitsky was brutally murdered when in prison but to hold a trial for the dead man in order to prove he WAS guilty and therefore who cares how he died. Lawyers who were supposed to defend the living Magnitsky asked for clarification on how one conducts a trial against a dead man.

I await passage of a law in Putinland which clarifies trial procedures against deceased people. It will definitely be a first on this planet.