Deadlock In Pakistan With Militants

The on again off again exchange between the Pakistan government and Taliban millitants in the frontier regions apparently has simmered down for the present. Baitullah Mehsud, head of the Pakistan Taliban, has broken off talks with the government over feeling among the Taliban leader of a lack of sincerity on the part of Pakistan leaders for a genuine peace agreement. Mehsud insists upon complete withdrawal of all Pakistan forces from the frontier region, an action that will not occur. The Taliban regard the withdrawal as a “symbolic gesture” but the government views such an action as playing into the hands of Taliban militants.

Dr. Asad, in the Mohmand Agency, demanded the government to eliminate all check points or the Taliban would take charge of things. He also warned thieves and adulterers that Shaira law will soon be enforced, and, if they were smart, it is best to depart now. There are reports from Texas that pitcher Roger Clemens has decided to avoid the Momand Agency during any baseball tour of Pakistan.