Dear Dr. Fred

I have lymphoma cancer. Now that the Obamacare bill has passed I am forced to have health insurance. Fred, do these government bureaucrats have the right to make me carry health insurance? I have a constitutional right to decide whether I want to have health insurance, doesn’t it say that in the 2nd Amendment?
Smiling Sue

Dear Smiling Sue:

Once we allow Socialism in this country, they will be forcing us to go to doctors for check ups and to hospitals because THEY claim it is good for you. Who told THEM they know what is best for me? We have a Constitutional right to get sick, get worse, and die. It’s in the Constitution, for God’s sake! First, GOVERNMENT BUREAUCRATS decide we have to be healthy, next they will decide we do not have the Constitutional right to shoot people who enter our lives without our permission. Sue, just don’t take any medicine the GOVERNMENT BUREAUCRATS want you to take. And, above all, stay away from that thing called, chemotherapy. It is simply a GOVERNMENT intrusion into YOUR BODY!

P.S. Before you die Sue, let me know. I will be at your funeral!